David de Louët loom - 90 cm - 8 frames
Métier David de Louët - 90 cm - 8 cadres
Métier David de Louët - 90 cm - 8 cadres
Métier David de Louët - 90 cm - 8 cadres

David de Louët loom - 90 cm - 8 frames

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Small but Mighty. Named after David and Goliath, David is a compact XNUMX harness loom loaded with functionality. The David, a unique sinking XNUMX-inch (XNUMXcm) shed jack loom, has become a very popular alternative as an entry level floor loom. David is a compact eight harness loom that looks modest, but with tremendous functionality, it surpasses many large floor looms. Smooth and light-weight treadles due to a cam system give the David treadles a mechanical advantage. Weaving on this loom gives you a real appreciation for the word balance.
Like a counter balance or a jack loom, it has a singular tie-up. All harnesses that are not pulled down by a treadle are lifted by an ingenious spring system. The spring system also results in easy treadling: once the treadle is pushed down, the weight of your leg is sufficient to keep the shed open. 
- XNUMX inch shed - The sliding beater offers a shuttle race - The sliding beater has the advantages of a standing beater. It has a shuttle race, it is adjustable in height and it stays back, close to the shafts to get the optimal shed. At both sides the beater is guided with special bearings along a stainless steel rod. By adjusting the position of the rods you can adjust the height of the beater. - Made of lacquered beech - Castle section comes pre-assembled

This loom, in solid beech, is available in two weaving widths: 70 (27 5/8 ") and 90 cm (35 3/8").

It is delivered partly assembled. It has an integrated rake and includes:
- a stainless steel rose of 10;
- 800 Texsolv beams (280 mm);
- Encroix rod;
- 16 warp sticks

- David 70 - 87 x 85 x 127 cm (34 1/4 "x 33 1/2" x 50 ");
- David 90 - 107 x 85 x 127 cm (42 "x 33 1/2" x 50 ")

- David 70 - 30 kg (66 lb)
- David 90 - 35 kg (77 lb)

Optional accessories:
- Bench (height 57 cm or 22 3/8 ");
- beam with cramps;
- Additional beam;
- Dutchman shuttle.

This loom is sent directly from Louët. Contact us for delivery or any additional information.

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