Book: Carding - Ashford - Revised Edition by Jo Reeve
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Book: Carding - Ashford - Revised Edition by Jo Reeve

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Please note, this book is in English
Edition revised by Jo Reeve

This popular, handy, and inspiring guide to carding, fleece, roving, and exotic fibers has been revised and expanded to include sections on blends and yarn creation. Written for spinners, feutriers, and anyone who enjoys fiber, this book contains sections on the use of hand, drum, and mixing board. There are detailed explanations on mixing colors and fibers and on color theory.
Step-by-step instructions and full-color photos will open up a world of color and texture to you.

1. Introduction
2. What is carding?
3. Ashford carding tools
4. Fiber properties
5. Pressure carding
6. Hand carding
7. The mixing board
8. Drum carding
9. The fiber mix
10. Mixing colors
11. Wild carding
12. Color theory
13. Primary colors
14. Secondary colors
15. Tertiary colors
16. Complementary colors
17. Similar colors
18. Color variations 1
9. Realization of a color gradient
20. Projects

Author: Jo Reeve

108 pages.

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