Book: Homegrown Linen, transforming flaxseed into tiber
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Book: Homegrown Linen, transforming flaxseed into tiber

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Please note, this book is in English

An illustrated guide to sustainably growing flax at home. Find the traditional know-how of flax cultivation, from the extraction of fibers to their preparation for spinning.

Homegrown Linen is a conceptual and practical book on gardening, land use and yarn creation. It is suitable for all levels of experience, from the curious about the thread to the master spinner.

- how to grow flax to make fiber;
- how to adapt cultivation techniques to your conditions using permaculture techniques;
- how to create a variety of custom fiber flax;
- how to process fibers from straw;
- what are the tools for creating linen;
- what are the tips and tricks for working flax; 
- what are the other uses of flax.

Written by Raven Ranson
Illustrated by Tracy Wandling

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