Purple explosion scarf
Foulard explosion de pourpres
Foulard explosion de pourpres
Foulard explosion de pourpres
Lunatic Fringe

Purple explosion scarf

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With this kit, weave two scarves, one for you and one for a gift!

This kit includes the instructions and the yarn needed to make two scarves, approximately 8 '' x 60 plus a 4 '' fringe, in six shades of purple yarn.

The soft and supple scarves are made with a three-frame loom or a Rigid Heddle loom and a stick to pick up the threads.

According to Lunatic Fringe Yarn, the difficulty level is: Beginner to Intermediate

Loom: 4 frames or Rigid Heddle loom and rod to pick up the threads

The kit includes all the yarn you will need to weave the 2 scarves, instructions for weaving on a 4-frame loom (with one fixture for both scarves) or a Rigid Heddle loom (two fixtures). 

Project description :

     2 scarves
     Threads per inch: 12 warp threads, 12 weft threads
     Width in Ros: 9 ''

Necessary material :

    Loom: minimum width of 10 "
    Ros: 12 bits per inch
    A wand to raise the threads with a Rigid Heddlee loom
    A flat shuttle or a boat shuttle and coils

Kit Contents:

6 1,5 oz cones of mercerized cotton yarn from Tubular Spectrum ™ (one in each of the following colors: 5R (red), 10RP (dark magenta), 5RP (dark magenta), 10P (Purple), 5P (Purple) and 10PB (Blue-Purple).

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