Ashford drop spindle collection

Ashford drop spindle collection

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The Drop Spindle Collection includes XNUMX different Top Whorl Spindles and a stand. With the collection one can spin fine silk to long lustrous fibre.
Made from NZ Silver beech hard wood.
This set includes support for the spindles.

The five zones are:
TWS9 - 90mm (3¾ins), 80gm (2¾oz)
TWS8 - 80mm (3⅛ins), 50gm (1¾oz)
TWS7 - 70mm (2¾ins), 35gm (1¼ozs)
TWS6 - 60mm (2⅜ins), 20gm (oz)
TWS5 - 50mm (2ins), 15gm (½ oz)
Finish: varnished

Please note that Ashford products are only available for
deliveries to canada


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