Electric winder

Electric winder

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Wind small or large balls of yarn and wool quickly and effortlessly with this superb manual winder that is so easy to use.
The characteristics:
- Balls up to 500g (17½oz);
- Winds clockwise and anticlockwise;
- Infinitely variable speeds;
- Soft start allows you to control the wire as it begins to wind on the cone;
- Instant shutdown;
- Foot control included for starting and stopping in hands-free mode
- 8 mm (5/16 ") wire guide;
- Powerful 12v 2.0-amp DC motor;
- 12v power cord;
- Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 28cm (12 x 8 x 11 ")
- Net weight 2,5kg (5,5lbs)
- Mounted on rubber feet;
- Includes a clamp to secure the winder to the table;
- Made from silver beech wood native to New Zealand;
- Lacquered finish;
- Delivered assembled.

Optional :
- 12V adapter cord (adapts to the cigarette lighter)

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