Hobby Bench XNUMX - Ashford
Hobby Bench XNUMX - Ashford
Hobby Bench XNUMX - Ashford

Hobby Bench XNUMX - Ashford

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The hobby bench is designed and crafted for comfortable weaving at your Ashford Rigid Heddle, Table or Jack Loom

This bench is comfortable with your choice of 54,5 height positions from 21 cm (62 ½ '') and 5 cm (24 ½ '') and seat can be tilted XNUMXmm (½”) to suit your weaving position.

Strong and robust made from beautiful silver beech hardwood with a lacquered finish its seat is XNUMXmm long x XNUMXmm wide (XNUMX ¾” x XNUMX XNUMX/XNUMX”).

It has a practical storage shelf under the seat which measures 68 cm (26 ¾ '' x 10 5/8 '') long and 27 wide.

Weight 7,9 kg (17,5 lb). Quick and easy to assemble

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