Louët loom: the Spring II, always more beautiful and even better designed to meet the needs of weavers

Louët innovates, always looking for a more comfortable and pleasant weaving experience. Thus the new Spring II, one of the most popular Louët looms and one of the best looms on the market, has been further improved.

 Louët Spring II loom - Louet Spring II loom

The weaving on Louët's Spring II loom is even more ergonomic. It offers exceptional weaving comfort thanks to certain elements including:

- The presence of a new magnet which allows to advance more fabric in a single movement of the handle;

- The rear beam friction brake which works like a crank with a handle;

- frames that raise and lower more easily, thanks to the replacement of nylon bearings by ball bearings;

- The movement of the leaf which takes place with a larger radius and an improved arc thanks to longer uprights and a lowered articulation point;

- Craft warping instructions which are now included.

The Spring II loom also has features that make it easy to use and customize because:

- The bars of the frames are clipped and unclipped, with disconcerting simplicity, from their hooks which remain attached to the strings: adding and removing stringers is therefore done in the blink of an eye;

- This design avoids any error in the positioning of the bars which are, on this Louët loom, within reach, in particular thanks to the modification of the main upright; 

- The rear beam can now accommodate 4 cramp rails instead of 3;

- The frames allow the insertion of additional rails;

- It is easier to assemble and disassemble the leaf; the articulation hooks being on the loom.

- The leaf cap is fixed using a system of screw handles;

- The insertion of the warp threads in the rake is improved. The wires are then held in place in the rake during folding by two removable wooden sticks;

- The attachment of the blades is more practical thanks to the space available between the bars of the frames and the change by smaller screws at the pedals;

- The cords of the chain tensioner can no longer come out of the rollers: they now go through two eyelets;

- Fixing the rear beam is more practical.

Louët Spring II loom - Louet Spring II loom  Louët Spring II loom - Louet Spring II loom  Louët Spring II loom - Louet Spring II loom

The new Spring II loom has been improved both in its design and in its aesthetics and assembly; but also :

- The structure is overall more solid thanks to the uprights and thicker front cross member;

- The front and rear beams are now made of wood and their diameter has increased;

- Heavier ratchet ratchet wheel is ideal for carpet weaving;

- Countersunk holes on the chest make it easier to put on.

The loom is now packaged more compactly, in a smart layout that makes it easier to expand and assemble. The boxes are sent by courier. And all the frames are pre-strung.

Finally, the delivery is very fast: between 4 and 12 weeks in general.

The accessories available separately are:

- Sectional beam (or cramp beam);
- Extension of four frames and four pedals;
- Bench - height 57 cm (22 3/8 ");
- Double beam;
- Dutchman shuttle;
- Flying shuttle.

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