Jagger Spun yarns

Jagger Spun's story

It started when Uriah Jagger, fresh from England, set up a worsted woolen mill in southern Maine. The rest is history.

The family tradition continues

Since the Jagger family arrived in Maine in the 1880s, their name has always been associated with the spinning of premium combed wool. And the tradition continues with the spinning of dyed or undyed yarns whether they are 100% wool or blended with natural or synthetic fibers, all made in Maine. Jagger Spun offers a dozen ranges which are detailed in 28 to 54 shades depending on the thread.

Today, the fourth generation family business continues on Water Street in Springvale, MA, more than 100 years after its inception.

At Tisse et File, we are happy to distribute Jagger Spun yarns, the consistent quality of which has satisfied knitting and weaving fans all over the world for decades.



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