Lunatic Fringe Yarns - new mercerized cotton yarns in our collections

Starting this month, Tisse & File is distributing Tubular Spectrum ™ mercerized yarns from Lunatic Fringe Yarns.

Lunatic Fringe yarns are recognized throughout North America (and beyond) for their quality; to which is added the superb color palette of the Tubular Spectrum ™.

The history of Tubular Spectrum

Initially, wishing to weave a color chart, a guild of weavers and dyers came together to create a range of yarn colors, then not found on the market. Once the first batch sold out, demand was overwhelming and the Lunatic Fringe yarn was born!

Le Tubular Spectrum

From these early dyes and some studies of color systems, Lunatic Fringe Yarns developed the set of brightly colored yarns, called the Tubular Spectrum™.

These colors and their color names are based on Albert Munsell's color chart. We will present the principle to you in another article.

Quality dyes and yarns

To make these yarns, Lunatic Fringe Yarns uses 100% mercerized cotton and the best reactive dyes for fibers. This yarn, of exceptional quality, is presented in a visually pleasing form favorable to creation. Lunatic Fringe Yarns make sure their yarns are as tough as possible, all you have to do is tap into their full potential!

Lunatic Fringe Yarns also offers studies of the colors and patterns that you will find among the Weave and File kits.

Find the Lunatic Fringe yarns here:
- weaving threads
- projects
     Scarves 7 shades of gray
     Purple explosion scarves

Good weaving!


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