The Ashford 16 frames table loom: quite an experience!

For the past few weeks, I've been testing Ashford's 16-frame table loom.

This loom is also available in 8 or 4 frames in weaving widths of 40, 60 or 80 cm. These trades are portable (the 16 frames still requires some muscles!), Foldable and oh so effective.

I will talk more about the 4 and 8 frames later and focus today on the 16 frames. This loom is made only with a weaving width of 60cm (24``), a nice width for a table loom.
It is delivered in spare parts. The instructions (a succession of diagrams) make it possible to assemble this puzzle - which is not really one! - in a few hours. The wood, silver beech, is varnished and the general appearance is superb. The loom seems robust and offers a good seat which persists when embedded in its table (optional).

For the assembly of the chain, everything is done easily: the passage in stringers, in ros - which is placed and removed quickly and easily - you just have to watch the direction of winding on the beam, a little different on the looms. Ashford table.

And here we are at weaving ... I love it!
I grant you, a table trade remains a table trade and the movement is never as fluid as on a floor trade, but all the same, these Ashford table trades are really pleasant.
I like the hanging clapper, facilitating regularity (in my opinion) and movement. I like the handles for lifting the frames: wide, easy to raise and lower. The movement is flexible, regular. The handles are individually controlled which increases the possibilities of patterns.
Finally, I like to weave in peace, so this loom meets my expectations perfectly: whether it is the Texsolv needles, the frames, the clapper ... everything is relatively silent.

Of course this craft, like all multi frames, can be used with only a few frames. Thus, it adapts to all levels of weaving, but offers a huge possibility of evolution for people who want to create complex patterns.

Overall, I really like this job. It is also excellent value for money.

Hours of fun ahead!

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