It's going to be fine!

Dear readers,


In this very special time, we sincerely hope that you are doing well physically and morally, as well as your family.


If the situation is worrying, it also allows us to take the time to weave, spin, felter and dwell on a thousand and one pending projects.



The Tisse et File online store is open; you can therefore order on the website. However, if you prefer to communicate directly with us, we are also available for you.

We want to assure you that, when preparing your orders, we comply with all of the community public health measures set out by the Government of Canada, including the regular disinfection of all surfaces and the use of gloves to handle the effects deposited in outboxes.
For items sent directly from our partner suppliers, know that all also apply these same sanitary measures.
Packages are generally sent by Canada Post according to their current service standards. 


The April 15 group order for the Maurice Brassard & Fils Inc. yarns should be maintained under the usual conditions. Those for pickup may vary depending on the situation and government guidelines at that time.
If in the meantime you need Maurice Brassard & Fils Inc. yarns, we have, among others, 2/8 and 2/16 cotton, Bamboo, hemp, organic cotton / bamboo (not displayed on the site internet) within the limits of available stocks and at the prices in the Maurice Brassard catalog.


In the meantime, we wish you the best for the coming days and we hope that this time will allow you to give life to your multiple artistic projects.


Take good care of yourself,




Catherine malichecq

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